Sundial Virtual Family Office — Boutique Bookkeeping For You & Your Family

Finding it hard to keep track of all your bank accounts? Wondering if your portfolio is making you money? Then you’re in the right place! At Sundial Virtual Family Office (VFO), we serve as your trusted advocate and fiduciary. We specialize in helping high-net-worth individuals and families like you, who are looking to proactively monitor their complex financial picture.

Alleviate your financial stress… It’s time to organize and understand your financial options to achieve your goals. Let’s work together to track your assets, investments, and transactions proactively. 

A Private Family-Oriented Office For Your Added Peace Of Mind

You’ve worked hard for your money! Don’t let inefficiencies like cash flow, data-entry, and unclear finances get the best of you. Our private family office is here to help get your finances in order!

Providing Wealthy Families with Exceptional Bookkeeping and Record-Keeping Services

Accuracy & Simplification

If you have a net worth of between $3 million and $100 million, accurate financial records are an absolute must. We help simplify your financial and accounting cycles by implementing a suite of the best-of-the-best technologies and outsourced services. With accurate record-keeping, we can determine the quality of your investing efforts, your business results, and your ability to achieve even greater success.

Collaboration & Organization

At SundialVFO, we are team players! We differentiate ourselves from other multi-family or single-family offices by working collaboratively (not competitively) with your financial team. Cooperating with your current investment advisors, financial planners, tax accountants, or legal counsel, we will ensure a coordinated financial and life plan. As captain of your team, we maintain timely and accurate accounting on a fee-for-service model with no conflicts of interest.

Sundial Virtual Family Office

What is a Virtual Family Office?

It all started when Single Family Offices (SFOs) were created by the ultra-wealthy to provide wealth management and oversee the family members’ affairs. The concept gained popularity and SFO’s continue to serve the wealthiest of families (typically $500m+).

Multi-Family Offices (MFOs) then emerged for those who weren’t classified under the ultra-wealthy umbrella ($10m+) but desired similar benefits and services to an SFO so they could manage their family’s wealth. MFOs are primarily an in-house team that assumes control over each family’s investment, legal, lifestyle management, and accounting work. Typically, in-house investment advisors provide financial services and counsel to these high net worth families. Services range from asset management, family governance, and succession planning to wealth management, investment management, and travel arrangements, among others. Fees are typically a percentage (1-2%) of the client’s net worth.

The Virtual Family Office model is the latest evolution of the traditional Family Office. With the power of technology, many wealthy but not ‘‘ultra-wealthy’’ individuals, are now turning to a virtual family office like us to gain more control of their finances.

Virtual Family Office Tasks

Our Boutique Bookkeeping Services

What We Offer

The Sundial VFO core competency is accounting software, primarily Quicken and QuickBooks, but also a suite of additional applications, as well as competitor products.

Looking to maintain accurate accounting records? Through our detailed and exact bookkeeping processes, your financial activity will be tracked and monitored. You’ll gain real-time reporting of performance and asset allocations and will find the answers to the age-old questions:

“Do you know where your money is? Do you know what it’s doing?”

Acting as your advocate and fiduciary, we’ll coordinate, not compete with your existing team.

  • Sundial doesn’t pick investments: Sundial tracks them.
  • Sundial doesn’t do taxes: Sundial organizes and provides the tax accountant with the information they need.
  • Sundial doesn’t practice law or set up trusts: Sundial ensures compliance by maintaining proper records.

Wondering who needs a family office and why?

How High-Net-Worth Bookkeeping Services Can Help You

Exclusive personal bookkeeping or family bookkeeping services form the foundation for your financial house to live on. With our support, you’ll gain a better understanding of where your money is, what it’s doing, and how to successfully adjust your input and output. This will provide enhanced:

  • Tax Organization: Be better prepared for tax season, decrease the risk of identity theft, and save your tax accountant hours of time.
  • Cash Flow Management: Manage your cash flow to reach your investment goals.
  • Financial Statements: Understand and reconcile your balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow.
  • Budgeting Systems: Install successful budgeting practices to save, or spend your money with better knowledge.
  • Payroll Processes: Gain organized payroll processes to keep your business operations running smoothly.
  • Real Estate Management: Keep track of all of your estate spending for improved cash flow awareness.

Collaborating closely with your financial teams, we’ll ensure proper steps are taken to help you achieve a healthier economic portfolio.

Our coordinated oversight services include:

Do you require a service beyond our core competencies? At SundialVFO, we’ll work with you to find a sustainable solution.

Where We Work

SVFO is headquartered West of NYC in Morristown, NJ, but as a virtual private family office, our clients span the country and globe. Your data is accessible 24/7 via secure Remote Desktop. Virtual meetings are held via TeamViewer to enable safe screen sharing. And our team is available on multiple channels, 7 days a week.

So no matter your location, we can help you understand your financial options!

The Four-Step Process To Reaching Financial Freedom

Our unique virtual family office workflow is a merger of years of experience and the best-in-class systems. To help you achieve a higher level of success, we follow a winning four-step process. And, as your needs and objectives change, we leverage “Kaizen” (Japanese concept of constant improvement) to keep improving your odds of long term success.


A detailed inventory of your financial picture is taken and documented via a legal/financial structure flowchart.

Aggregate and Reconcile

Automations are introduced to code-source transactions from banks, brokerages, etc. Timely reconciliations are performed to assure accuracy of your accounts.

Step Three Report and Analyze

“Measure what matters”. By customizing your spending, investment, and other financial reports you’ll receive timely, relevant, and actionable data.


Special projects are introduced into other areas of your financial life for a holistic and complete economic snapshot.

By proactively addressing and understanding these complex areas, you can alleviate the stress of complex record-keeping and achieve greater financial freedom. This will allow you to easily monitor household and personal wealth, streamline your taxation strategy, and more!

Ready to find out where your money is and how it’s doing?