The Power Of Personal Bookkeeping

When it comes to building wealth, you know you are on the right track when your portfolio gets to a point where the complexities and complications of wealth management take too much time.

Every successful high-net-worth individual has a different story, yet most follow a similar wealth-building process. Of course, it starts with hard work but a successful wealth plan requires more than that. Goal oriented individuals understand that to meet their objectives, it takes careful financial planning and proper investment management. The question is: Where do you start?

Family Wealth Journey

If you have goals like owning multiple homes, opening or expanding your business, retiring early, giving philanthropically, or gifting to future generations, the tasks and burden of juggling your finances grow exponentially. To manage your financial world correctly, it takes an experienced team to help manage these complexities. Your time is better spent elsewhere. You have more important things to do than tracking the basis of your investments, accurately tracking your household income and expenses, figuring out tax returns or populating excel templates to see if you are on track of your long term financial goals.

Sound familiar? If so, turn to SunDial’s personal bookkeeping services to monitor and manage your spending better.

Leveraging High-End Personal Bookkeeping Services

After working with many high-net-worth individuals, we understand that the foundation of building your financial wealth plan starts with detailed personal bookkeeping and recordkeeping. At Sundial VFO, we believe in the adage, “if it matters, it’s measured”. Accurate financial data is the foundation that supports the reporting, analysis, and evasive action that wealth may springboard from. By tracking your day-to-day financials such as credit card spending, bank account activity, and monitoring investment gains and losses, you are better equipped to succeed. As an example, one of our high-net-worth clients was looking to move quickly on the purchase of an apartment building. By supplying them with accurate financial reports, they were able to proceed with both funding and greater peace of mind and confidence knowing that their finances could support the acquisition.

Hire A Personal Bookkeeper To Support Your Financial Growth

Sundial VFO’s personal and family bookkeeping services enable wealth creators, successful professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to better understand their growing net worth. We start with a strong bookkeeping system that yields great benefits such as:

  • being better prepared at tax time,
  • customized financial reporting,
  • real-time data to ensure productive conversations with certified tax and financial planners.

Additionally, our customized turn-key services are designed for clients that hope to actively organize and track their personal finances but don’t have time to learn about new accounting software programs, monotonous data entries, organizing files, or troubleshooting problematic reconciliations. Sundial VFO’s services allow you to simplify your life. With an expert CPA as your personal CFO and professional bookkeeper, you’ll gain real-time, 24-hour access to your data via secure remote servers. For example, we’ve helped clients make emotional rent vs buy decisions equipped with accurate scenario planning financials.

Looking to organize and understand your finances?

Why Choose Sundial VFO As Your Professional Bookkeepers?

Similar to a Single Family Office or Multi-Family Office, Sundial’s unique differentiation is to work with your existing financial and professional relationships. Acting as your advocate and fiduciary on a fee-for-service model, there will be no conflicts of interest. We coordinate – not compete with – your investment advisors, personal assistants, tax accountants, and legal counsel.

Are you hoping to take back some of your time? At Sundial Virtual Family Office, we believe “do what you do best, and outsource the rest”. This is what we do best. We understand that your time is valuable. Ultimately, our service is providing you financial peace-of-mind with superior service and accurate personal bookkeeping.