Strengthen Your Financial Portfolio With Family Bookkeeping

You and your family have worked hard for your money. In these economic times, it’s critical to have an accurate and real-time understanding of where your money is and how it’s doing. High-net-worth families with complex portfolios demand even greater levels of oversight and detailed record-keeping. Our family bookkeeping services allow you to take control of your finances, monitor overall income and expenses, and see your financial life all in one place.

Report & Analyze

Without a system of checks and balances, along with up-to-date financial reports, it is almost impossible to detect potential issues or conflicts within your personal financial picture. The ability to monitor your assets and create accurate reports in real-time allows for more productive conversations with estate planning attorneys, investment advisors, and wealth management firms so you can engage in accurate financial planning.

Achieving Your Financial Goals & Alleviating Stress With Sundial VFO

Whether your focus is on multi-generational trusts, philanthropic gifts, or a comfortable retirement, Sundial VFO will provide you with peace of mind and more time to relax. Knowing that your financial estate is cared for by the proper wealth stewards with family governance in place, you can better concentrate on your family’s financial objectives.

At Sundial Virtual Family Office, we have a deep respect and appreciation for the work, sacrifice, and risks you’ve taken to achieve financial success. We also understand that the same characteristics that helped you achieve an ultra-high-net-worth, are dynamically different from those needed to properly maintain and manage the resulting nest-egg. Helping successful families navigate the dynamics of their good fortune is our main motivation. Our personal accounting philosophy is best defined by our mission: “organize finances to alleviate financial stress”.

We believe that the foundation of your estate planning and wealth management starts with detailed family and personal bookkeeping and recordkeeping. Working alongside numerous families we’ve seen first-hand the many benefits of implementing proper accounting controls and systems. With the right VFO, you can preserve your financial legacy in a way that aligns with your goals, values, and intentions.

Want to find out where your money is and if it’s working FOR you? Then it’s time to seek the support of a boutique recordkeeping team.

How Family Bookkeeping Services Lead To Smarter Financial Decisions

Investment management and recordkeeping of household wealth can be complex and time-consuming. Our family bookkeeping services simplify your financial picture by answering the age-old question: “Do you know where your money is? Do you know how it’s doing?”

Working closely with our clients and their diverse team of financial professionals, we act as a family’s fiduciary without any conflicts of interest. Additionally, our customized services include household bill pay, check writing, and household payroll. Coordinating with your investment advisors, assistants, personal financial advisors, tax accountants, and legal counsel, we’ll make sure your financial portfolio supports your family’s goals.

Acting as your high-touch bookkeepers, we’ll help you and your family successfully track your investments, organize your personal finances, and maintain proper records.

Through our turn-key services, we set out to save you as much time as possible, so you can focus on growing your family’s financial wealth portfolio.