Nine Reasons Why You Need Sundial

How many situations relate to you?

If you are tired of spending hours looking through reports, creating spreadsheets, or trying to fully understand where your money is and how it’s doing, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years, we’ve noticed financial patterns and pain-points that high-net-worth individuals are trying to overcome. At SundialVFO, we have the experience and expertise to help you simplify your complex financial world. If you can relate to any of the following situations, you could benefit from our services:


You'd rather visit the dentist than prepare your year-end tax documents

Which do you prefer? A trip to the dentist, or the yearly tax season? For many, staying on top of tax-time preparation is far worse than a tooth-ache! But there’s a proven anesthetic for when you’re calculating charitable donations, tuition, and assembling K-1’s – SundialVFO!

As your trusted advisor, we relieve your yearly tax duties by gathering, reconciling, and delivering a complete “tax pack” to your accountants. We develop reports that come in the form of a complex balance sheet. This balance sheet tracks multiple alternative investments with income and expense categories at a transaction-level of detail.

If you find yourself constantly stressing over the preparation of financial tax documents, hire a personal bookkeeper and discover how we supported a client to diminish their yearly headache here:

Medical Device CEO Looking for simplified solutions to complex issues


You’ve worked hard but keeping track of money is just no fun

If you’ve been using accounting software to keep on top of your complex spending categories and finances, you know just how stressful and time-consuming it can be. Even worse, you might be trying to get by with manual spreadsheets.

Using the best-in-class software, we’ll streamline your processes to grant you more time to focus on what you do best. We’ll develop custom reports, provide quarterly spending details, and track your estimated tax payments and complex income structure. You’ll finally get a clear picture of your spending habits and develop actual budgeting figures.

Perhaps you’re hoping to free up some valuable time and relax as your money starts working for you. If so, learn about how we helped one of our clients successfully track their long-term financial goals and monitor their budget:

Successful Big 4 Partner Spending Too Much Time On Own Reporting


You want to know if you should buy another investment property - keeping track of your finances will help you

All financial decisions inherently involve a degree of risk. By building the foundations of accurate recordkeeping and implementing organized processes, our VFO services give you greater control of your financial picture and reduce your risk. This allows you to further understand and expand your passive income real estate investments in a risk adjusted manner.

Looking to gain significant tax, interest, and insurance expense savings to help you purchase your next investment property? Discover how we helped a high-net-worth client improve their investment property management by restructuring their finances:

Successful Boston Based Surgeon Needs to Optimize Financial Situation


You just can’t keep track of all your bank accounts! Bad bank account management

Most high-net-worth families have many bank accounts, making it hard to know where all of their money is, especially if they don’t have the right systems in place to track their transactions effectively.

Through the use of best-in-class financial portfolio management systems and software, we’ll consolidate reporting of all of your accounts and track your complex portfolio, multiple entities, and alternative investments. We make it simpler for you to manage multiple bank accounts from wherever you are.

If you’re not sure where to start, learn about how we helped one of our first clients take back control of their books here:

Successful Businessman on the Search for Expert Quicken Services


You ask yourself, “when can I retire?”

For most, the goal is straightforward – work hard and try to retire early. But how do you know exactly when you can accomplish this? How much money will you need? Will you have enough passive income or funds set aside to support your current lifestyle?

The transition to retirement can be difficult, and knowing exactly where you stand financially can be confusing. By implementing superior family bookkeeping services, we give you a clear and concise picture of your finances. We also work directly with your current team to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals.

Considering early retirement? Find out how we helped one of our clients build a comprehensive balance sheet encompassing their rental properties, annuities, pension, retirement brokerage accounts, and savings, so they could get the most from their golden years:

Recent Retiree struggles with understanding how golden their golden years should be


You wonder: “Was that tax deductible?”

Properly identifying the differences between personal and business transactions can have a significant impact on your end-of-year income statement and subsequent tax obligations.

By tracking your taxable income and deductible expenses with our bookkeeping services, we’ll optimize your accounting systems to establish an accurate picture of your business books.

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of your business and personal expenses or keep on top of your tax and wealth management? Learn more about how we worked collaboratively to help this entrepreneurial family make better sense of their taxable income:

Self-employed Engineer/ Psychologist couple need help segregating business and pleasure


You set up a trust, now what?

As you get older, you may have established trusts to provide your family with more financial security. But, how do you know that your assets will stay protected?

We keep your financial records structured and organized. We also coordinate with your legal, tax, and investment advisors to ensure compliance and communicate your wishes effectively. By automating processes and converting manual spreadsheets and data to best-in-class software programs, we’ll provide you with accurate financial statements in real-time.

Are you looking for a team who will work collaboratively with your existing relationships to ensure your family’s stability for years to come? Keeping track of your finances will help you reach your financial goals! Discover how we helped this client achieve financial organization:

Entrepreneur plans for the future


You thought your bankers and accountants were keeping track of things... but they weren’t

You’d think it would be fairly simple – hire an advisor or banker to manage your money and voila! In reality though, to fully understand where your money is or what it’s doing, you need to work with experienced family office bookkeepers that you can trust for proper bank account management.

As Quicken and Quickbook experts, we’ll work closely with you to conduct a forensic review of each portion of your financial portfolio. If we encounter any areas that need to be addressed, we’ll help you track your finances with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Don’t just take our word for it either. Read about how we helped one of our Forbes 400 clients track their finances better:

Prominent Forbes 400 Founder Relying on Private Bankers


You won’t apply for a mortgage because it takes too long to fill out

Mortgage applications can be a frustrating process and gathering the needed documentation is time consuming, especially if your records are disorganized.

With up-to-date books, financial reports, and document retention systems in place, you can apply for a mortgage with ease and the confidence of knowing what you can, or can’t, afford.

We can also help coordinate the mortgage application by shopping interest rates, and managing the approval process for you, so you can purchase the home (or second home) of your dreams!

Find out more about one of our client’s success stories here:

Famous You-Tube Star needs help making good financial decisions

With SundialVFO as your trusted bookkeepers, your financial picture will be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. Once proper processes and systems are in place, you can achieve all of your fiscal goals.